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About Us

It is our mission to use the latest technology available in our industry to provide even higher standards in welfare, hygiene, quality and service to our customers.

Generation to Generation

From humble beginnings, on a small island off the Croatian coast known as Korcula, Franko Pirovic married Frana Petkovic. During the Nazi occupation of the island he was interned, leaving Frana to raise their three children, Katica, Milorad and Petar, in the midst of the chaos of war. At 16 years of age Petar left his family and country to fulfil his hearts desire, to migrate to Australia. At opposite ends of the earth the family worked towards being together again. Milorad leaving his new bride Slavica, the day after their wedding, to be reunited one year later.

Together, they forged a new life in this land of opportunity. Petar married Maria, a woman accustomed to the basic existence of farm life. Their efforts culminating in 1967, with the laying of this slab of concrete, in the thirteenth row of Shed 1. Upon this slab, a contractor only known as RH was inscribed. Millions of eggs have been produced, a family's fortune has been made and a new generation raised on the values of integrity and hard work in this great land.

In the early 1980's with the passing of the torch to the new generation, the six young men accepted this legacy with humility and respect from those who ignited it and the lessons that they have taught us. Each day they faced new challenges but with a breath of fresh air and consolidating all their ideas together they knew what they wanted to achieve and what direction they wanted to take the family business.

Now in 2013, Pirovic Family Farms is proud to be one of the largest independent egg producers in NSW supplying Australian families farm fresh eggs such as Caged, Barn Laid, Free Range and Certified Organic Free Range Eggs and also supplying a variety of catering eggs and egg products for the commercial trade directly from the Pirovic Family Farms.

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